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# ZGo Payment Gateway for *WooCommerce* ## What is the ZGo Payment Gateway for *WooCommerce*? ZGo Payment Gateway for Woocomerce is a custom payment Plugin that allows a WooCommerce based online store, to accept payments using Zcash. The Plugin connects WooCommerce Online Store with ZGo Backend to provide customers with an easy way to pay using a Zcash wallet. ## How does it work? The payment flow is shown bellow: ![](https://hedgedoc.vergara.tech/uploads/b5223c7d-7e83-4ef6-b527-d73d462c4498.gif) Figure 1 – ZGo Payment GateWay Flow The payment flow in Figure 1, includes the transaction confirmation and also marking the customer's order as paid in the WooCommerce store database. The ZGo system monitors the Zcash blockchain and when the payment transaction is found and reaches five confirmations, will report this to the ZGo Payment Gateway plugin. ## System Requirements | Requirement | Description | | -------- | -------- | | **ZGo Pro session** | An active ZGo Pro session is required, if you do not have one already, please visit the [ZGo Pricing](https://zgo.cash/features.html#pricing) page for details. | | **WooComerce Online Store** | A running WooCommerce Online Store with version 7.0 or greater is required. <br>Access to site's WordPress Administrative page is also needed | | **ZGo Payment Gateway Plugin** | ZGo Payment Gateway Plugin installation package. <br>The package can be downloaded from our [releases page](https://git.vergara.tech/Vergara_Tech/ZGoPmtGwy/releases). | ## ZGo Payment Gateway Plugin Installation The Plugin has been tested using the following components: | Component | Version(s) | | -------- | -------- | | Operating System | Red Hat 8.7+, <br>Ubuntu 18.6 LTS, 22.04<br>Windows Server not supported<sup>(1)</sup> | | Web Server | Apache 2.4 | | PHP | 7.1+ | | WordPress | 6.0+ | | WooCommerce | 7.0+ | <div style="font-famyly: Noto Sans; font-size: 14px;"> <sup>(1)</sup> Although installation is possible and should work on a Microsoft Windows server using Apache 2.4, we do not support it. </div> ### Download ZGo Payment Gateway Plugin First thing you need to do is to download the plugin ZIP file and the digital signature from the [releases page](https://git.vergara.tech/Vergara_Tech/ZGoPmtGwy/releases). This signature can be verified using the [ZGo Signing Key](https://zgo.cash/wc/images/pubkey.asc). ### Install the Plugin in WordPress 1. Log in to the WordPress admin site and proceed to the plugins section. 1. Click on the `Add new` button right beneath the plugin section of the WordPress dashboard. 1. Proceed to upload the plugin ZIP file into WordPress. All the necessary files will be unpacked and placed into plugins folder. 1. After this is done, you’ll need to click on the `Install Now` button for the plugin installation process. 2. Once installation is complete, you can activate the plugin. ## Configuring ZGo Payment Gateway Plugin ### Getting ZGo Backend Credentials In your browser, navigate to the [ZGo app](https://app.zgo.cash/) and create a shop, open the Settings: ![](https://hedgedoc.vergara.tech/uploads/1e5c5d79-e7b5-4ae6-9287-d343d7ac05e1.png) As part of the Integrations tab, ZGo now has a WooCommerce section: ![](https://hedgedoc.vergara.tech/uploads/672615cf-2c07-4e24-ac59-9088e056c82b.png) Clicking on the `Generate Token` button will display the credentials you will need to configure the ZGo Payment Gateway plugin, allowing the WooCommerce shop to connect to ZGo. ![](https://hedgedoc.vergara.tech/uploads/d60c935e-84cd-4289-abc2-72ba99360ed7.png) ### Configuring the ZGo Payment Gateway Plugin After activating the ZGo Payment Gateway plugin successfully, the WooCommerce Settings page will show it as one of the payment options in the Payments tab: ![](https://hedgedoc.vergara.tech/uploads/608bc481-4a07-4d5a-8f65-9aa3257931f3.png) Click on `Finish Setup` to configure the plugin: ![](https://hedgedoc.vergara.tech/uploads/4c8db56d-6226-4bf6-bb26-036bcfc01c84.png) You will need to enter the ZGo Owner ID and the ZGo Token from the ZGo Settings. You can use the blue icons on the right to copy each one: ![](https://hedgedoc.vergara.tech/uploads/4c23bd19-f681-4d75-90d2-0380adfc0f63.png) Save the changes and enable the plugin. You can confirm the successful connection by looking at your ZGo Settings for WooCommerce, the `URL` field will be populated with your WooCommerce shop address. To ensure accurate reporting of orders, check the permalinks settings for your WordPress instance: ![](https://hedgedoc.vergara.tech/uploads/a46c471b-034f-4741-8103-50b0e3d9324a.png) Please use one of the "pretty" options, we recommend Post Name: ![](https://hedgedoc.vergara.tech/uploads/b97a7d12-59da-4029-ba0b-bd91d6150672.png)